Perpetrators of Workplace Abuse or Bullies are dangerous. There is no such a thing as a “Lovable Rogue” or a “Benevolent Bully”. Perpetrators can destroy a Target’s life and these wounds don’t heal easy.

Perpetrators do not treat their colleagues with dignity and respect. Read what type of behaviour constitutes workplace hostilities by reading articles elsewhere on this webpage. Although some perpetrators display sociopath tendencies, other perpetrators would adopt an aggressive management style or a “persona” displaying narcissistic, neurotic and immature ego defenses.

In “Don’t take SHIT from Hyenas in the Workplace” four types of perpetrators are distinguished.  There are the POWER HYENAS (strategists and their closest allies), those who thrive on power and special knowledge, those who use power to hide incompetence – these are brutal Hyenas at the workplace.  The COMPETITIVE HYENA is opportunistic and competitive and will use every means at their disposal, including dishonesty and emotional abuse, to reach their goals.  The IMPIMPI HYENAS (Support Hyenas) are the lesser Hyenas but nevertheless dangerous and menacing while LONER Hyenas are marginalised characters who could from time to time be hyenas.