Dr Susan Steinman as a circuit speaker on the following topics


  • Workplace Bullying or Emotional Abuse in South Africa
  • Hyena-spotting:┬áthe art of surviving a hostile work environment
  • Perceptions of communication styles and bullying
  • Causes of workplace bullying and abusive work environments
  • The effects of workplace harassment on the targets
  • The effects of hostile work environments on productivity
  • Supporting the target of workplace bullying
  • The effects of retrenchment on the individual
  • Dealing with workplace bullying in your organisation
  • Let your soul speak freely – putting yourself across to others
  • Dealing with your vulnerabilities to avoid becoming a target of emotional abuse
  • The aftermath of workplace bullying – getting people to productivity again
  • The role of transformation and change in negative survival behaviour
  • The interaction between the perpetrator and target in workplace bullying
  • How to create a bully-free environment
  • Integrated Health and wellness.

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