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North Wales councils sack over 400 in two years
Daily Post – Llandudno Junction,UK

Poverty, workplace bullying and other issues will need to be
Miramichi Leader – Miramichi,New Brunswick,Canada
Women have been very involved in trying to get action on workplace bullying because it is related to the use of violence generally.
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Mean girls (and how to help your daughter deal with them)
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
It started with verbal harassment then turned physical. Here’s some info on workplace bullying: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7599354.stm “Michelle


Workshops help promote respectful work environment
UConn Advance – Storrs,CT,USA
Bullying behavior is a form of uncivil behavior, she says. work environment, but repeated behaviors of that nature are a form of workplace violence.


Nurses’ group targets workplace violence
OHS Canada – Toronto,ON,Canada
TORONTO (Canadian OH&S News) — An Ontario nurses’ group has issued new guidelines aimed at tackling workplace violence just weeks after a major Toronto
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Workplace Bullying: Psychological Violence?
FedSmith.com – USA
I have written previously on workplace violence; this time, I am going to offer a few thoughts on bullying in the workplace, which a number of experts see
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Nurses ‘can’t take silence’
Toronto Sun – Ontario, Canada
Among the voluntary recommendations are for the government to make it mandatory to report workplace violence; develop a workplace violence prevention policy
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Disabled are bullied
News Wales – Knighton,UK
Disabled people and those with long term ill-health are facing higher levels of hostile and negative treatment in the workplace according to new research
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Prop. 8 passage spawns protests, violence and vandalism
ChristianExaminer – USA
“Amidst all this lawlessness, harassment, trampling of civil rights and now domestic terrorism, one thing stands out: the deafening silence of our elected
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Nurses launch guideline to tackle violence in the workplace
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
This includes refraining from actions such as gossiping, bullying, harassment, socially isolating others, pushing, throwing things, or any other aggressive
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EHRC: Disabled people face ‘culture of low expectation’ at work
Communitycare.co.uk – Sutton,UK
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has revealed that disabled people and those with long-term conditions face higher levels of workplace hostility
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Workplace bullying shouldn’t be tolerated
Standard Freeholder – Cornwall,Ontario,Canada
The ILO definition of workplace violence includes bullying: any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to
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Behind Closed Doors: What the Victim of Workplace Bullying Brings Home
DiversityInc.com (subscription) – USA
According to WBI, mistreatment at work can directly cause domesticviolence. Often, targets of workplace bullying don’t feel confident in reporting a
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Bullying has moved from schoolyard to the workplace, experts at
Indianapolis Star – United States
Children ages 10 to 17 who said they were harassed online grew 50 percent from 2000 to 2005. In 2006, Carmel High School used its harassment and bullying
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Odd man out is recipe for a toxic office
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
It’s estimated that anywhere from 10 to 40 per cent of workers have suffered some form of psychological harassment or abuse in the workplace, says French,
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Stamping out violence at work
HRZone.co.uk – Bristol,UK
Also, have very clear procedures for handling bullying, harassment andviolence and have those very clearly communicated to employees.
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Workplace Conflict Resolution Strategies: Introducing ProActive
MarketWatch – USA
to which workplace conflict exists, that same UK study found that 52% of those surveyed had experienced workplace harassment; 27% had been bullied;
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Blowing the siren
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Picone believes that bullying and harassment are “in pockets rather than widespread”.Bullying and harassment are compounded by workplace and operational
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Economic Stress Equals Bullying at Work
MarketWatch – USA
Bullying and disrespect at work is already costing companies $20000 per employee per year. Erica Pinsky, a workplace bullying and harassmentexpert,
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Bullying: European network online
cafebabel.com – Strasbourg,France
In the same way as ‘mobbing’, which is harassment in the workplace, the term ‘bullying‘ (from the word ‘bully‘ or tyrant) describes a kind of psychological
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New website offers solutions for people suffering under workplace
The Canadian Press – REDERICTON
It also found that workplace bullying is four times more common than sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. Noble has collected hundreds of stories
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School’s lesson in foul language goes too far, parents say
San Luis Obispo Tribune – San Luis Obispo,CA,USA
Just this week, the Fresno Unified’s school board voted to spend a $1.3 million on a five-year program to combat bullying, harassment and molestation on
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Stage Raw: The Sequence
LA Weekly – Los Angeles,CA,USA
While holding him captive in his own house, they reinvent the workplaceaccording to their own values, banishing sexual harassment and gender discrimination
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Steve Rothaus
MiamiHerald.com – Miami,FL,USA
it has generated will remind school officials everywhere that parents expect their kids to be safe from bullying and violence during school hours.
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Ontario consulting on workplace violence
Ecolog.com (subscription) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Most of these jurisdictions focus on physical violence, but some do includeharassment, bullying, or teasing in their legislation.
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Bullying leaves deep scars
Canadian HR Reporter – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
By Shannon Klie Workplace bullying can be insidious and its targets often blame themselves for the treatment. One woman, who worked for a transportation
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Ministry of Labour examines protections against violence
OHS Canada – Toronto,ON,Canada
Chris Hinkle, owner of Firm Foundations, a workplace bullying and violence consulting firm in Barrie, Ontario, argues that bullying may cause absenteeism,
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Researchers in NB develop workplace bullying website
OHS Canada – Toronto,ON,Canada
The website, www.unbf.ca/towardarespectfulworkplace.ca/, identifies categories of bullying (such as sexual or psychological harassment, abuse of authority
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Finland Leads Europe in Workplace Bullying
YLE News – Helsinki,Uusimaa,Finland
Finns fall victim to workplace harassment approximately twice as frequently as the European average. According to EU 27 statistics, countries that come
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Threat assessment
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne,IN,USA
Here’sa long-term plan to root it out at your workplace: � Create an explicit anti-bullyingpolicy that forbids all forms of harassment and destructive
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Extracts from the public and OH literature
PersonnelToday.com – UK
Additionally, 26% of staff reported harassment, bullying and abuse by patients or relatives, and 2% from another staff member.
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Prevent Future Massacres By Curbing Bullying
Scoop.co.nz – New Zealand
McCullough believes teachers and school guidance counselors need to warn pupils againstbullying and workplace supervisors need to create an atmosphere
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Bullying is a NB workplace health issue
Times and Transcript – Moncton,New Brunswick,Canada
The costs of bullying, sexual harassment and physical violence at work — medical costs, benefits and welfare related to premature retirement and loss of
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Absent Sisterhood
Financial Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Workplace bullying has been described as a silent epidemic, a form of psychologicalviolence that falls through the cracks in the checks and balances put in
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Workplace Bullying: Overblown or Overlooked?
My Global Career – Lafayette,CA,USA
Bullies embody these two popular tactics. Hostility is more normative than the exception. So, bullying/abuse/psychological violence at work is positively
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Bullying takes twisted turn for the worse
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
In the past two years, 12 have enacted legislation to include cyber-bullying. California’s Education Code mandates protection for students from harassment
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Etiquette in the workplace: Don’t forget your manners!
Daily Comet – Thibodaux,LA,USA
In the workplace, incivility can become downright harassment. Now, I’m not talking about sexual harassment, racial discrimination or workplace violence
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Investor’s Business Daily (subscription) – USA
Though workplace homicides are the fourth leading cause of workplace death, incidents of threats, assault, sexual harassment, stalking and bullying are more
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Show you care
Hindu – Chennai,India
Workplace violence has a broad spectrum. From prejudice, discrimination, bullying, domination and oppression, to acts in which a person is abused,
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Cultural change part of stopping the bullies
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
To make things more complex, harassment and violence is often involved. Harassmentcan be a single instance of offensive or humiliating behaviour,
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Local postal workers tired of violence in workplace
9NEWS.com – Denver,CO,USA
“Management is constantly harassing, intimidating, finger pointing, and bullying letter carriers on the workroom floor on a daily basis.
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Community services workers affected by workplace violence
National Union of Public and General Employees – Nepean,Ontario,Canada
Staffing issues (understaffing, inadequate funding and heavy workloads) are contributing factors to the violence, bullying and harassment.
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Hate crimes: one in five gay people suffer homophobic attacks
guardian.co.uk – UK
Other recommendations included stronger action against homophobic bullying in schools and a zero-tolerance policy against bullying in the workplace.
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New legislation aims to prevent violence in federal workplaces
The Canadian Press – OTTAWA
Coming nine years after an Ottawa Transpo employee shot and killed four co-workers, the measures also require all incidents of workplace violence to be
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Legal Seminar: Workplace violence and harassment
SHPonline – London,UK
In addition he undertakes the defence of workplace occupational condition claims including stress, bullying and harassment. He has wide experience in the
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A Workplace Violence Policy Is Essential
News Dispatch – Michigan City,IN,USA
Related policies should demonstrate consistency; conduct (substance abuse, weapons),harassment (include bullying and threatening behavior) and domestic
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Bullying culture in Fire Service exposed by country-wide survey
PersonnelToday.com – UK
Firefighters are suffering high levels of bullying, harassment and violence at work, a service-wide survey has revealed. A fifth had witnessed sex
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No Public Displays of Affection Allowed
AlterNet – San Francisco,CA,USA
Bullying is a massive problem in the schools (not to mention the workplace, the streets and the blogosphere), so it is rather shocking that one Memphis,
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Nurses launch campaign
Metro Canada – Halifax – Halifax,Canada
The NSGEU started its Blow the Whistle on Workplace Violence campaign this week after speaking with a cross-section of nurses and finding almost unanimously
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The Lawyers Weekly
Lawyers Weekly – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Many have delayed addressing workplace bullying, confident that their anti-violence and anti-harassment policies sufficiently address the issue.
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NZ On-Hire Industry puts safety first
Scoop.co.nz (press release) – New Zealand
The module combines on-hired employee safety and discrimination, bullying andharassment information,�Mr McComish said. When an OHS incident ends up in
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Work related injuries and occupational diseases, Slovenia, 2nd
Portalino – Italy
mental pressures at the workplace: 80% of them were exposed to time pressure or overload of work and almost 20% were exposed to harassment or bullying.
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Alleged assault at Bluewaters
Collie Mail – Collie,Western Australia,Australia
Harassment, violence, aggression, bullying and sexual, religious and cultural discrimination are neither condoned nor tolerated by IHI or its contracting
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Mayencourt launches workplace bullying campaign
24 Hours Vancouver – Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
“We need to start looking at how we protect people from psychological harassment or psychological violence in the workplace,” said Mayencourt in an
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One in three meth users high on the job: study
PerthNow – Perth,WA,Australia
“They were also more dysfunctional and engaged in riskier behaviours … like workplace violence, harassment and bullying.” The study, which relies on data
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Trio jailed for bullying Muslim workpal
Halesowen News – Halesowen,England,UK
Skett, of Erdington, Melaney, of Kingstanding, and McDermott all admitted racially aggravated harassment and putting another in fear of violence.
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One in six health staff are attacked – report
Shields Gazette – South Shields,England,UK
By David MacLean A HARD-hitting report on South Tyneside’s health service reveals the appalling level of harassment, bullying and violence staff face at
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In Maryland, A Plan to Tackle Bullies in Class
Washington Post – United States
More than 2000 incidents of bullying were reported in Maryland public schools in the 2005-06 school year, compared with 1000 the previous year, according to
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Men jailed for racial harrassment
BirminghamMail.net – Birmingham,UK
THREE men who tried to make a Muslim workmate eat bacon, knowing it was against his religious beliefs, in a ten-month campaign of racial harassment
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What hope is there when hospital staff can’t wash their hands?
Hampstead and Highgate Express – London,England,UK
The Whittington’s director of human resources, Margaret Boltwood, said: “In the past year more workplace harassment advisers have been appointed.
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Bullying happens in workplace, too
Sioux City Journal – Sioux City,IA,USA
Previewing his “Workplace Bullying — the New Harassment” presentation, Namie agreed to do a Q & A with the Sioux City Journal. Sioux City Journal: “Why is
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Dealing with workplace violence
Oak Brook Business Ledger – Oak Brook,IL,USA
Now workplace violence is considered everything from bullying e-mails and verbal threats at one end of the spectrum, to the ultimate, a deadly attack by
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Verbal abuse from patients on the increase at hospital
this is hampshire.net – Winchester,England,UK
Mr Brazier said: “The survey shows good work that is undermined by levels of harassmentand bullying from patients and their relatives.
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Use of ‘Gay’ as Synonym for Uncool or Rubbish Must Be Challenged
UK Gay News (press release) – UK
I passionately believe that whether in school, college, university or the workplace, people have the right to study and work without fear or prejudice
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Workplace bullying expert returns to Sioux City
Sioux City Journal – Sioux City,IA,USA
“This is a great chance to continue our community dialogue and focus on preventingbullying, violence and harassment.” This is the Waitt Institute’s third
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Hospital staff abuse under-reported
Hendon & Finchley Times – London,England,UK
One in ten staff working at the hospitals were assaulted by patients or their relatives last year, while a quarter were bullied, harassed or abused in other
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NHS staff opinions on patient care
this is hampshire.net – Winchester,England,UK
She added: “SCAS has a zero tolerance stance on bullying and harassment against staff and has, and will take forward prosecutions against individuals who
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12 months that shook Britain: the story of the strike
Workers’ Liberty – London,UK
Black groups organised to help the miners; and miners came to understand better what black communities feel about police harassment.
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The price of incivility in the workplace
Vancouver Sun – British Columbia, Canada
While the schoolyard bully may use physical violence, or the threat of it, the workplace bully uses more subtle forms of coercion, such as innuendo,
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Steps you should take to stop the office bully
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
The Workplace Bullying Institute offers three suggestions for what to do if you’re an officebullying target: Give the abuse a name: bullying,
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Bullying worse than sexual harassment: Study
Canadian HR Reporter – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Workplace bullying or “psychological aggression� is also more harmful to employees’ well-being and job satisfaction than sexual harassment.
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It’s getting rougher dealing with the public
Globe and Mail – Canada
Indeed, for many municipal workers, bullying, harassment and even violence is a part of daily work life. What’s more, says CUPE Local 79 president Ann
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Bullying is a relationship problem, new study confirms
WebWire (press release) – Atlanta,GA,USA
Drs. Craig and Pepler are co-directors of PREVNET (Promoting Relationships and EliminatingViolence Network): a national network to address problems of
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Brockton man sues Wal-Mart over alleged discrimination
The Patriot Ledger – Quincy,MA,USA
He claims he was fired for “workplace violence� less than a week later. Surprenant said he’s going to request that the case be moved back to Superior Court
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Canadian Study: Workplace Bullying Bad For Business
Toronto, Canada (AHN) – Workplace bullying may be worse than sexual harassment, according to a study by two Canadian researchers.
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‘Violent and crude’ stalker jailed 70 days
Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin – Collingwood,Ontario,Canada
Prosecutor Enno Meijers read that the defendant “followed” the male complainant to hisworkplace at a local supermarket, where he boldly entered the inner
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Bullying a serious job hazard
Globe and Mail – Canada
The research- ers embarked on the study to see if sexual harassment deserved its reputation as the worst of workplace ills. “Originally, we thought it would
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New research suggests bullying at work can have big implications
ABC News – USA
Bullying is psychological violence,” said Gary Namie, director of the Workplace BullyingInstitute (WBI) in Washington, and author of “The Bully at Work.
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Complaints remain under wraps
Wyoming Tribune – Cheyenne,WY,USA
A letter last week from an arbitrator hired by the Cheyenne Public Employees Association said the two were are “bullying” and “intimidating” city employees,
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10 actions you can focus on to influence culture of respect
Bizjournals.com – Charlotte,NC,USA
There would be no place for harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, unethical actions, or other disrespectful and potentially illegal
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Bullying the epidemic that’sa growing concern
Blogger News Network – USA
when informed about the workplace bully. “�In light of extant internal anti-harassment and anti-violence policies the response of employers is puzzling.
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California: Anti-Semitic Incidents Show Slight Decline in 2007
Anti-Defamation League (press release) – New York,NY,USA
Incidents in Greater Los Angeles reflected the infusion of anti-Jewish harassment into the mainstream. This includes graffiti, name-calling, bullying and
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One in three nurses face regular abuse from patients or their
Daily Mail – UK
The researchers asked almost 40000 nurses about their experience of violence in theworkplace, including physical and verbal abuse, harassment and bullying.
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Advocates, opponents of trans rights bill to have their say on
EDGE Boston – Boston,MA,USA
Jane Doe, Inc., the state’s coalition of organizations working against sexual assault and domestic violence, and the Massachusetts chapter of the National
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Bullying in school
Charlotte Observer – Charlotte,NC,USA
School shooters have often been victims of intimidation and harassment. That is why they turn to violence, for the justice they never received.
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The dangerous workplaceWomen especially are at risk in many jobs
BCLocalNews – Victoria,BC,Canada
The RCMP doesn’t keep statistics on workplace violence against women – although they do track domestic violence. Similarly, the Victoria Police Department
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Managing Stress and Conflict in Libraries
IT Week – London,UK
and occasionally physical, abuse from library users, and bullying and harassment are as likely to happen in a library as in any other workplace.
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Union calls for paid time off for equality reps
Abeceder – Leeds,England,UK
A survey of Unite equality reps published today revealed that 82% tackled bullying andharassment at work, making it the single biggest equalities issue for
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Labor News Roundup
Guerrilla News Network – USA
Coffee Bean workers are standing up to management bullying and responded to the recent aggression by declaring 100% membership in the union branch.
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Background Screening Expert Returns from World Tour with
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
and property theft as well as the usual suspects of workplace bullying, harassmentand violence, the 21st century business community is under siege.
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Government’s workplace violence legislation falls short of
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
workplace violence legislation doesn’t go far enough to protect women. gossiping,bullying and harassment are also common forms of violence.


Does France really need another Committee of Public Safety?
Psychological violence. That’s what the new offence will be called if a bill are also hard to prove, such as bullying or harassment in the workplace.


The science of bullying
Times Online
Like harassment, psychological violence, intimidation, and abuse, gather for the Seventh International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment.


Workplace bullying – a problem for employer and employee alike
preventing workplace harassment and violence. It seemed almost too ironic then, when Christine Pratt, chief executive of the NationalBullying Helpline,
Getting to grips with bullying
Yorkshire Evening Post
But employer bullying in the workplace also happens. “Companies will need to set out procedures to follow when cases of harassment orviolence arise.


What is Harassment and what are some ways to prevent it?
Escalating violence on the news is bothersome. Buses and trains that are Bullies in the workplace are harder to deal with because as adults we believe


Symposium kicks off program urging people to Choose Civility
The Herald-Mail
more than 1.8 million acts of workplace violence are reported yearly in a policy on bullying and harassment, said Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan.
Russell Jones Walker > Workplace bullying ‘is common in UK’
Linex Legal
Source: Russell Jones & Walker – Bullying in the workplace is common in Britain, can be made under laws governing discrimination andharassment.

Crowell Moring > Leading a nation of bullies
Linex Legal
Workplace bullying is an issue high on the agenda for all HR and risk The HSE recognise bullying is a form of organisational violence and as a potential


Prevention of Workplace Violence for Nurses
Newswise (press release)
Permitting bullying and harassment to go on has significant negative In sum, the researchers noted that workplace violence has a broader impact than
Students hear anti-bullying message
DeSoto Times Today
A couple of brass knuckles later, Cofield knew that mediating violencewould or workplace harassment, the harmful impact is the same –Bullying robs you


Bullying at work: how common is it and what can I do about it?
Workplace bullying is not an issue addressed directly by the care and Skills published its Preventing Workplace Harassment and Violenceguidance (at
Bullying at work
Harassment and bullying can range from extremes such as physicalviolence to less obvious forms like ignoring someone. It can be delivered in a variety of


Florida law makes lawsuits over workplace violence difficult, even
A handbook on workplace violence published by the US Department of Agriculture citesharassing or bullying behavior, conflicts with co-workers,


Employers must prepare workplace bullying policies
Welland Tribune
In her presentation, Barrow said 44% of bullied individuals lost their jobs, Baron will be holding a three-hour workplace violence andharassment
Work bully laws need attention: report
By Stephen Johnson Australian workplace laws are not paying enough state and territory definitions about bullying, work violence and fatigue had led to
Work bully laws need attention: report
Sydney Morning Herald
Australian workplace laws are not paying enough attention to bullyingeven and territory definitions about bullying, work violence and fatigue had led


Gateway behaviors in school, hospital and workplace can lead to
If a factory manager says nothing when they overhear sexual harassment, administrator and you will place yourself in greater danger for actual violence.


Workplace violence and harassment, understanding the requirements
The new definitions for workplace violence and harassment add an additional layer Aimed at “workplace bullying� and other forms of psychological abuse,
Don’t Let Mean Girls Rule
Blogger News Network
If you track only physical violence on police blotters, you miss the other of harassment, bullying and abuse by women against women in theworkplace?


To Halt Emotional Abuse, French Law Teaches Bullies a Lesson
The US Department of Justice defines domestic violence as “abusive moral harassment and articulated a commitment to stemmingworkplace hostility.

Kantola Productions Releases Workplace Violence Prevention
Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs� takes on this important issue management, communication, customer service, harassmentand diversity,

Payback for bullies
Employers are reminded to promptly address any claims of workplace bullying orharassment if and when it arises. This case demonstrates the importance of


79% of European managers are concerned by work-related stress, but
Balkans.com Business News
Concern about psychosocial risks such as stress, violence and harassment is the first findings of the biggest workplace health and safety survey in


Keeping the bullies and brutes at bay
Globe and Mail
Starting next week, Canada’s most comprehensive workplace anti-harassment and anti-violence legislation takes effect in Ontario. It follows several other
Keeping the bullies and brutes at bay
Manitoba: Employers must assess the risks of violence and harassmentand develop Employers must conduct violence-risk assessments and prepare workplace

Workplace bullying rife in the sector, union claims
Times Educational Supplement
Ten per cent said they had experienced violence or physical abuse in the previous “The agreement on bullying and harassment was drawn up in 2008 and AoC

Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident
Washington Post
Bullies in the Postal Service are nothing new. Neither is harassment. on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace is definitely a one sided deal.


Academic Bullying: A Problem on College Campuses
Diverse: Issues in Higher Educatio
In addition to academic bullying, the incidence of workplace violence is no longer rare in higher education. High-profile cases, such as the February


Bullying at work worse than gender, racial harassment: Report
The Province
Ontario will be the third province to legislate against workplace violence andharassment, along with Quebec and Saskatchewan. The Queen’s University study


Workplace bullying worse than other harassment: report
Ottawa Citizen
Just as Ontario is set to pass a new bill making workplace harassmentillegal, requires employers to develop and communicate workplace violence
Windsor slaying spawned workplace violence laws
Windsor Star
“The really small workplace maybe has never turned their mind thatviolence is strong in terms of violence, but too vague on harassmentand bullying.
New law Dupont’s legacy
Windsor Star
to comply with new workplace violence and harassment legislation that takes a “pathway” for employers to deal with workplace violenceor bullying.