Welcome to The People Bottomline

The workplace changed – it is highly competitive and workplace bullying is one of the most devastating experiences any employee can be subjected to. This website is aimed at helping victims overcome the devastating effects of workplace bullying and workplace violence. Healing the lives of employees who had been affected is achieved through sound advice and support. Employers and managers are encouraged to heal the workplace by establishing culture of dignity and respect.

This all site promises to make the workplace better for everyone by explaining

  • what bullying or mobbing is and its impact on the victim
  • how to survive the ordeal
  • options for support and what employers can do
  • workplace violence (umbrella term for physical and emotional abuse, racial and sexual harassment and bullying)

and provide information about:

  • our workplace bullying and harassment investigations’
  • workplace dignity training programmes for staff
  • prevention of workplace violence for the health sector
  • employee wellness programmes
  • resilience training
  • Dr Susan Steinman’s book – Don’t take S-H-I-T from Hyenas in the Workplace: a must-read for victims, managers and bullies!


“I hate bullies. I stand for simple justice,
equal opportunity and human rights.
The indispensable elements in a
democratic society
— and well worth fighting for”
– the late Helen Suzman
(South African anti-apartheid activist and politician)